COASTAL MANUFACTURE – ZAO "Murman Holding" and other plants:

In 2001 Murman Seafood Company became one of founders (together with foreign business partners) of daughter enterprise - Joint-Stock Company (ZAO) Murman Holding, - with the purpose of diversification of manufacture and developing of new field of activity - aquaculture.


The same year Murman Holding had acquired the first experience in this field: it has bred about 100 tons of a high-quality rainbow trout out of imported Norwegian smolt at one of piscicultural farms. The ready cooled or frozen fish products have been sold in a home market of Murmansk region and Russia.


In the same 2001 there has been constructed and handed over in operation the modern modular crab- and the fish- processing factory in settlement Pechenga (Murmansk region), which became the basic coastal production facilities of  ZAO Murman Holding.


At this factory the next years the following products were manufactured and the following works were performed:

  • the cooked-frozen and fresh-frozen King crab (the whole, the clusters, the extremities, the abdomens). Raw materials for these products were the crabs caught on research quotas by involved vessels of other fishing firms. Ready frozen crab products basically have been delivered on export to Japan.
  • storage and primary processing of lumpfish roe and processing of the fresh fish caught in a coastal zone by the vessels owned by other small enterprises and private businessmen. The lumpfish roe as made on commission raw material has been processed at factory of company "Gamma-Service" in delicacy weak-salted products in glass cans and was on sale widely in the local market.
  • re-processing of some by-products of trawlers "Melkart" and "North Ocean", including a manufacturing of frozen shoulders and heads of cod and a salty herring.


In 2005 Murman Holding has organized the manufacturing of frozen cod fillets at a fish-processing factory "Gigante-Murmansk", raw material for which also was delivered by involved vessels of coastal fishing. The part of ready goods was successfully delivered on export, and the part was put on a home market.



Factory building at settlement Pechenga

Deep-freezing rooms at factory

Cooking boilers at factory

Cutting of crabs for freezing

Frozen extremities of the crab

Ready made crab products

Separator for lumpfish roe

Fresh cod fillet for freezing

Frozen cod fillet

Rainbow trout

The examples of bred rainbow trout

Cut rainbow trout

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