OUR ACTIVITY – what our Company works over:

Murman SeaFood Company was established in June of 1997 for accomplishing of industrial, transport, commercial and intermediary activity, wholesale and retail trade in the field of fishery. See details in section "Our History".

During the past the Company has worked very successfully and constantly developed.
Now the Company is focusing its efforts on the following main directions:

Operating of the own and chartered fishing and transport vessels

Fishery of bottom and pelagic fish species

Manufacturing of sea-frozen fish products, fillets and canned fish

Manufacturing of frozen and other fish and seafood products at coastal factories

Wholesale trade of fish products

In March of 1999 jointly with the company Udarnik the subsidiary Arctic Fish Products Limited has been established for accomplishing new kind of activity – the long line fishery of bottom species. In 2008 the Arctic Fish Products Limited has been merged with Murman SeaFood Co and finished its independency.

In 2001 Murman SeaFood Company jointly with foreign business partners has organized the subsidiary ZAO Murman Holding and began the works in the field of aquaculture and coastal fish processing. Later on the Murman SeaFood Co became the sole incorporator of ZAO Murman Holding.



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